About Us

Backcountry Traditions LLC, a veteran owned business, was established in 2016. Since then, the team brought on new members from all across the United States; each with unique skills, knowledge, and passions. While individual passions might differ, the team is unified by the same drive.

We are story tellers. We capture and share unique and engaging stories that extend beyond the kill or catch. Far too often, outdoor television shows focus on the kill or catch and fail to emphasis the most important aspects of any outdoor trip. This show focuses on what is truly important: the people you meet and memories you make. 

We are proud to announce we are the 2020 CarbonTV Award winner for Best in Cinematography! New content coming January 2021!

For any hunting or fishing trip, it is the people, the relationships, and the stories that get remembered. Every adventure tells a unique story. Our mission is to uncover, capture, share those stories. As story tellers, our content focuses on more than the kill or catch.