The Team

Jeremy Walker 

Executive Producer 

As a kid growing up in the Pennsylvania outdoors, Jeremy quickly developed a love and respect for all that nature has to offer. In 2009 he graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in Environmental Science. Following college he was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps and has served since. Over the past few years he has been fortunate enough to travel all across North America hunting for various big game species and hitting the water casting a fly line. Visit Jeremy on Facebook  and Instagram at @jeremywalker15

Joshua Stabenau

Series Producer / Senior Editor 

Joshua is presently working as a director of Marquette sports broadcasts for the Big East. He also has been serving as the Senior Editor and Producer for our episodes and setting the bar for production within the BT family. Besides his day job, he is a media specialist with experience on a national level with Discover Wisconsin, Boondock Nation, Pursuit Channel, Big East Digital Network, and Fox Sports. When it comes to the outdoor world, “Stabs” is a veteran whitetail hunter with 25+ years of experience. Each fall he treks deep into the Wisconsin wilderness in pursuit of the ghosts so many hunters never see.  In 2018 he was nominated for an Emmy for his work with Boondock Nation. Having him as part of the team makes us all better. His wealth of knowledge never seems to run dry. Visit Joshua on Instagram at @cameramanstabs

Glendon Allwood

Field Producer 

Glendon grew up on a small farm near Norborne, Missouri where he spent much of his time working outdoors. From a young age he could be found shooting, hunting, trapping, or fishing.  More importantly, the farm provided many opportunities to hunt Midwest whitetails, waterfowl, turkey, and predators as well as being able to learn about their management,  habitat,  and conservation. Glendon attended the University of Central Missouri and after graduating in 2013 he commissioned into the United States Marine Corps. At that point in his life, he realized he took his affinity for the outdoors for granted. He spent a considerable amount of time transitioning to traditional archery equipment, but  still enjoys hunting with a rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader. He has always been characterized as a broad spectrum outdoorsman and enjoys the many facets of outdoor life; from hunting, trapping, and fishing to cooking, photography, and woodsmanship. After transitioning from the military, he settled in central Pennsylvania with his wife, Paige, who becomes a seasonal widow for a few months out of the year. Visit Glendon on Instagram at @huntdomain

Paul Wilson

Field Producer

An avid hunter and fisherman since a child growing up in central Illinois, Paul’s passion for the outdoors brought him to Ted Nugent Sunrize Safaris in 1999, where he took the position of hunt coordinator. His lifelong experience and hunting knowledge completely transformed the schedules and hunter’s guides at Ted Nugent Sunrize Acres ranch. Shortly thereafter, Paul was promoted to the managing head at Sunrize Safaris, where he sells top-notch hunting trips across the nation and internationally in Canada and Africa. These trips are premium bow and gun hunting opportunities at locations that will leave you breathless. Paul and his clients will be filming these incredible global big game hunts to share with our Backcountry Tradition team. Visit Paul on Facebook


Anthony Campenella

Field Producer/Videographer

Born and raised along the Lake Erie shores of Pennsylvania, Camp is an avid tournament angler and charter boat Captain on the great lakes. He holds a USCG Master Captain’s license and can be found actively pursuing walleye and trout on Lake Erie and salmon on Lake Ontario. He has made a living running charters in addition to being a salesman for his family business in Erie Pennsylvania. Fishing aside, Camp lives for hunting; honing his skills chasing turkey and whitetail on pressured Pennsylvania forests.  No stranger to the Rocky Mountains, Camp is a Wilderness Guide School graduate and has guided and pursued western big game for over 15 years. Camp enjoys sharing his outdoor experiences with his two sons.